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Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Karate classes in Chico will teach your child how to be confident and enthusiastic. They will become a better student, a better listener, and feel more ambitious!

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts in Chico is a combat sport integrating various movements from different disciplines creating a more advanced and skillful martial artist. Join us today!

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Personal Self Defense Training

Are you and your loved ones prepared to defend yourselves against an attacker? Join us in Chico for this incredible Personal Defense Training and learn how to stay safe in any situation.

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Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself today and have a blast in the process with our Self-Defense training in Chico. You'll get in great shape and perfect some vital skills that could keep you safe.

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Shimkendo for Seniors

Enjoy a low-impact, low-stress program designed for the seniors in Chico. You can stay fit today without fearing injury or exhaustion. Let us show you how!

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Tai Chi

Find your inner calm with our Tai Chi training in Chico. Don't let your body and your mind generate undue stress. Release yourself from the challenges of everyday life.

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Birthday Parties

At Azad's Martial Arts Center, we can't wait to celebrate your child's special day! We're offering Chico the ultimate party experience - the kids have a blast and the parents get to relax! Sign up today, spaces fill up fast!

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At Azad's Martial Arts Center, we've been helping to better the community of Chico since 1985. Regardless of age or ability level, Jongshindo gives each student the opportunity to improve themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Teen Martial Arts

Our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts training gives students the chance to break free from the challenges that have held them back in the past. We focus on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth one step at a time!

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