Martial arts for adults and kids of all ages in Chico, CA!

Reach your highest potential with Azad's Martial Arts Center as you learn new life long self-defense and personal safety skills in our well-structured, caring, friendly and safe environment. Our martial arts classes are suited for adults, kids, and family members of all ages. Together with our highly experienced and certified instructors, we will be sure to provide you and your family the best experience Chico has to offer!

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Martial Arts in Chico, California: Azad's Martial Arts Center

For close to four decades, Azad's Martial Arts Center has been the premier destination for martial arts training in Chico, California, and throughout Butte County. As a nine-time recipient of the "BEST Of Chico" as the best martial arts school accolade in the region, Azad's Martial Arts empowered over 20,000 students ranging from young enthusiasts to seasoned experts.

Grandmaster Azad's Distinct Legacy

The name Grandmaster Azad has become synonymous with world-class martial arts, and our center is a testament to that legacy not only in Chico, California and Butte County, but globally. With accolades both nationally and internationally, his teaching methodologies have transcended borders and has trained Masters and Grandmasters in all continents. Azad's unwavering dedication over the past 40 years has placed an emphasis not just on martial arts as a sport, but as a holistic approach to well-being, personal safety and self-defense. Chico has been witness to his unparalleled commitment to nurturing personal safety, growth, and empowerment in every student.

Holistic Martial Arts and Self-Defense Training in Chico

Azad's Martial Arts Center isn't just about physical training and quality fitness. Located at the heart of Butte County, we advocate for the balanced development of the spirit, body, and mind. Our Martial Arts students in Butte County are consistently nurtured to challenge their limited vision, and push their boundaries, emotionally physically and mentally. While we celebrate the sportive essence of martial arts, our core is grounded in its traditional principles — self-defense and personal safety, utilizing the potent and street-proven Jongshindo techniques and strategies.

Expert Martial Arts Instructors in Chico, California

The cornerstone of our reputation as the top martial arts school in Chico, and indeed Butte County, is our team of expert instructors and staff. Each one is a testament to the transformative potential of Azad's Martial Arts systems, dedicated to imparting their knowledge and passion daily to help our students of all ages and abilities to reach their best desired outcome. Grandmaster Azad's team's approach ensure every student, no matter the age or level, feels valued, challenged, and limitless.

Join Azad's Award-Winning Chico Martial Arts Programs

Azad's Martial Arts Center, a leading name in Butte County, caters to everyone. Whether you're a child or an adult, novice, an experienced martial artist, or someone keen on enhancing physical and mental discipline, we have a program designed just for you in Chico.

Experience the Azad difference in Chico, California. Dive into a world of personal development, empowerment, and unparalleled self-defense, personal safety, and martial arts expertise with us!


Premier Martial Arts School in Chico, California: Azad's Martial Arts Center

Established in 1985, Azad's Martial Arts Center stands out as the leading martial arts school in Chico, California, and the broader Butte County region. With a legacy of strengthening and empowering over 20,000 students in the Chico community alone, Grandmaster Azad and his team are dedicated to holistic development for students of every age, ability and skill level.

Lifelong Benefits of Martial Arts Training at Azad's Martial Arts in Chico, CA

Our team of expert instructors, renowned across Butte County, emphasize more than just excellent physical fitness, and powerful self-defense. We cultivate mental growth, personal empowerment, emotional fitness, effective stress relief, true confidence, community service, and a commitment to personal safety. Our teachings also instill values of positive citizenship and the pursuit of academic and educational excellence, making Azad's Martial Arts Center more than just another martial arts center. The result? A better overall disposition and quality of life for our students.

Programs for All Ages: Kids to Adults in Butte County

We pride ourselves on offering age-appropriate martial arts programs tailored for everyone — from young kids (starting at age 3) to adults. Our students age range from 2 years of age to 110! Our diverse range of courses has seen an increasing number of parents, men, women, and professionals from various backgrounds, all keen on exploring our Jongshindo model for getting in a better shape, and self-defense training.

Dive into a world of discipline, fitness, and empowerment. Experience outstanding martial arts training in Chico, California, at Azad's Martial Arts Center!

Immerse Yourself in Martial Arts and Learn Self-Defense While Improving Your Overall Fitness!

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Gimme-Some-Sole Shoe Drive

Gimme-Some-Sole Shoe Drive

This program helps hundreds of school age kids in our community. Each year Azad's Martial Arts Center spearheads a community-wide effort to help kids from low income families with much needed shoes and rainboots. The goal is to collect as many brand new shoes as we can for all kids specially those who come from families who aren't able to provide their children with basic needs. Azad's Martial Arts Center purchases and collects hundreds of pairs of shoes each year for children in our community so they can walk to school and home knowing their feet won't get wet and their health get compromised in winter season.

"The most exciting part of life is when we practice compassion and help others in need." Grandmaster. This is a great opportunity for you to teach your children the significant of giving back and practicing kindness. Just like a muscle in our body, the more we use compassion the more we create a powerful sense of kindness. Please join us in this annual drive to help children enjoy their education and school.

For more information and deadline please check out Gimme-Some-Sole Shoe Drive flyer or visit us on Facebook at Azad's Martial Arts.