Increase and improve your body fitness with Jongshindo

Jongshindo is a strategically mixed martial arts program developed by Grandmaster Azad to create a physical, emotional, and spiritual character.

Here are some of the benefits:
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Boost balance and coordination
  • Enhanced stamina and endurance

Combine The Best Aspects Of Fitness And Self-defense In Our Jongshindo classes

Jongshindo helps build stamina, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. More than anything else, Jongshindo is the way to master self-defense techniques. It also teaches children the art of self-discipline, listening, teamwork while also boosting self esteem and confidence.

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Fun, Fitness And Self-awareness All Rolled Into One

Here, children enjoy a fun and energetic program that builds strength, flexibly, endurance and character. The Jongshindo program gives kids the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills to excel at school, at home and in sports.

Your child will be surrounded by caring, patient, helpful and professional instructors dedicated to helping your child achieve their fitness, and academic goals. Not only does our program focus on fitness, safety and self-defense, but it also provides them with a safe, positive, and respectful environment to learn new techniques and overcome their fears and challenges.