Chico Martial Arts Summer Camps

Welcome to our Summer Camp page!  After a very challenging year for all of us we have amped up and reignited our ever-popular martial arts SUMMER CAMPS! 


Join our Summer Camps, and treat your child to our fun, challenging and exciting world of our martial arts training!  We are proud to work with students of all ages and abilities, building their skills such as focus, discipline, respect, Courage, Confidence, and lifelong habits of physical activity.


Our previous years’ summer camps were often SOLD OUT!  This year due to COVID-19 protocols we accept even lower number of campers to keep everyone safe.  Do not let your child slip into the habits of inactivity and excessive screen time this summer. Reserve your child's spot before it is too late!

What Can You Expect From Our 2021 Summer Camps In Chico?

What Can You Expect from Our 2021 Summer Camps in Chico?

Your child will enjoy high-quality martial arts training and a wide range of games and activities each day.  While the entire week is packed with fun activities each day brings a series of specialized focus activities on areas such as mental health, emotional health, physical health, teamwork and celebration in what we accomplish.  Children will get more than just a babysitting at our summer camps.  They will learn so many cool games and drills that will help them become healthier in their mind, body and emotions while building quality life-skills as well as self-defense moves.


Kids will be excited to come back day after day and make a great group of new friends in the process.

Martial Arts Summer Camps in Chico include:

  • Martial arts training for all experience levels
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Hands-on instruction and supervised games
  • Team building exercises and activities.

Our Summer Camps are designed to stimulate your child's mind and help them develop important physical tools. With our training, children can overcome anything life throws their way. 


Chico Martial Arts Summer Camp Dates:

June 7th: Ninja Camp

June 14th: Nerf Camp

June 21st: Gladiator Camp

June 28th: Nerf Camp

 July 12th: Ninja Camp

July 19th: Gladiator Camp