Express Yourself And Show Our Frontline Workers You Care!

In an attempt to encourage children to express their gratitude to others in such uncertain times, Azad's Martial Arts Center created a fun and meaningful contest called "Express Yourself!"

We are proud to launch a contest for all K-12 kids to show respect for all adults working and keeping our society and community healthy with their everyday work. 

So many people work day and night, exposed to this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. People who serve as shop clerks, cops, truck drivers, paramedics, judges, media reporters, physicians, nurses, garbage collectors, mailmen, etc. should be remembered for their hard work! 

Let's all Come together virtually to celebrate our frontline workers to saving our community.

Here's How it works

You only have to send a photo or a video of your dedication, submit it to and that 's it! The project will run until June 's academic year-end. $100 cash prizes are presented to each level's top three winners: 
  • Elementary schools
  • Junior Highs
  • High schools

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