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Our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts Training Builds A Well-Rounded Foundation For Students Across The Community

At Azad's Martial Arts, we believe success in life comes from a combination of strength in four factors: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. That's why our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts program surrounds students from challenging backgrounds with a system of support and recognition. 

Our Teen Martial Arts Classes offer students across Chico a dynamic opportunity to redefine themselves with hard work each and every day. 

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How Does Our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts Training Work?

The first step in this system is to help students embrace a positive mental attitude. We ask our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts students to buy in on day one with a commitment to the process and a dedication to themselves.

From there, we work hard to instill a path forward with thoughts of college and a career. At Azad's Martial Arts Center, we give students every opportunity to succeed.

Thanks to our many partners in the Chico community, our students are given the chance to hear from business leaders and understand the job prospects that are available. Students can expect to visit 20 or more companies and learn, perhaps for the first time, the need for preparation to make great things happen.

And, Of Course, Our Teen Martial Arts Program Includes Plenty Of Hands-On Training

Don't forget: our Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts classes include achieving physical success and understanding the importance of an active lifestyle. We work hard to help students of all abilities build their martial arts skills from the ground up. We offer ongoing support and motivation and we help our teens take pride and feel accomplished like never before. 

At Azad's Martial Arts Center, teens can:

  • Build strength and athleticism
  • Learn focus and attention to detail
  • Develop respect for all others 
  • Walk away with incredible confidence in themselves

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At Azad's Martial Arts Center, we're committed to helping teenagers across Chico take on lifelong change. We're offering a holistic approach to success with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth one day a time.

Join us for the Rock Solid Teen Martial Arts program or learn more about how you can get involved as a partner. Just fill out the short form on your screen now!

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