Motivational Monday Message: Manage Stress through Chico Martial Arts Training

Motivational Monday Message: Manage Stress through Chico Martial Arts Training

Have you ever had to go through real tough times in your life? Are you going through a real stressful time in your life? 

It’s tough to be in that space mentally, spiritually and physically. But you are fully capable and will overcome whatever challenge it is that you are facing. 

Essentially you have two choices to deal with your stress: To give up, or Fight Back! 

This is the time to FIGHT BACK against the very cause of your stress! 

None of us can determine what the universe will bring to us each day. But each one of us can overcome by deciding how to respond to the situation. I believe that 10% of life is what happens to you, and 90% is how you respond to it. Focus on your 90% and choose your responses with a positive attitude. 

If you are old enough to remember other challenges you have dealt with earlier in your life. Use the past experiences by applying them to your current situation as part of the solution.  There is so much you can do to overcome.

1. Your Positive Mental Attitude is 99% of what you do.

2. Meditate often.  Meditation in its basic form is nothing but long breathing.  Deep and slow breathing allows you to calm your nerves and center your energy.  Deep breathing relaxes your system and improves oxygenation of the your cells. Silent moements during your day will give you little healing moements to create clarity and solutions.  It takes an average person 3 seconds to breath in and out.  At Azad's Martial Arts Center we teach kids and adults to focus on their abdominal breathing and increase their breathing time during meditation and relaxation to 5 to 8 seconds during inhalation and 5-8 seconds during exhalation.  Try it slowly and make sure you are sitting down while you do this or you may get dizzy. Whatever you do, make it simple.  You do not need to ritualize your meditation with candles, incents, etc. Just breath deeply in a silent place (or use your noise cancelling headphones). 

3. Listen to positive music that allows you to feel great. Anything that will bring you down or agitate you must be minimized if not removed from your internal environment.  During the day you hear so many different noises and sounds.  After a while they all become white noise but your brain and subconscious is still picking them up.  Make sure to choose calming or positively energizing music when you have a chance.  

4. Create a new positive routine in your day where you get extra energy from.  Play music, take a walk, paint, exercise any positive new hobby.  A new positive hobby will bring a new level of focus and joy to your life.  If you are interested in trying martial arts for exercise then we encourage you to go through our 10 lessons short trial course to see if this sort of training is for you before you commit to anything at all. 

5. Practice Tai Chi.  I can not emphasize enough how positive, calming, centering and empowring daily Tai Chi practice can be to your mental clarity and emotional strength.  In our Tai Chi classes students learn to move slowly while increasing their oxygen intake via deep breathing we call Dtan Tien breathing.  With every breath your body becomes stronger at the cellular level allowing your blood pressure to stabilize while your heart gets a great exercise.  You can get more information in our earlier blogs about the benefits of Tai Chi. 

6. Read books and articles that are encouraging and uplifting.  Your mental energy will be the solid force of your will power overcoming any difficult situations.  At Azad's Martial Arts Center we have a number of Lessons in Mindfulness that educate our students about their health, personal growth, mental clarity, emotional strength, physical fitness and so much more. 

7. Be mindful.  Each day you got to make time to reflect on various action steps for you to bring more positivity and solution mindedness to your challenges.  Be mindful of you and your energy and allow you to feel good, bad and ugly while maintaining positive vision of the future. 

8. Do not eat the type of food that can increase your stress. Be mindful of the type of fuel you feed your body.  Avoid alcohol, fatty food, too much salt, too much spice, processed food, and caffeinated beverages as best as you can.  If you are smoker switch your smoking time with deep breathing meditation opportunities.  Keep your body's internal environment away from acidic items as much as you can specially during stressful times of your life. 

9. Get a massage.  Treat yourself to things that allow you to be pampered yet energized.  Often our muscles ache and hurt for many reasons from poor habits to excess medications.  Find a massage therapist you can trust and enjoy the relaxation and tranquility a good massage can provide for you.

10. Surrround yourself with positive minded friends, and family where you can. Sometimes you won't have that choice. However, make appropriate changes where you can in your life.  The more positive people you have around you the more positive energy they give to you during the day.  I am proud to say that for over 30 years Azad's Martial Arts Center has been the safe, positive zone for over 10,000 people of all ages.  We enjoy supporting our students of all ages to become healthier and happier about their life all through martial arts training.  Make sure to distance yourself from negativity and once again surround you with positive minded friends.

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