Develop Great Positive Habits at Azad's Martial Arts Center

Develop Great Positive Habits at Azad's Martial Arts Center


 Great positive habits are the keys to your success.  Whether you are still in school, working as a professional or a full time mom or dad, you always need great positive habits to succeed in your daily tasks as well as life’s goals. Great habits are hard to build at the beginning, but very powerful for the rest of your life. 

Many people often ask me how do I manage multiple successful businesses as well as my wide range of highly demanding community service and leadership commitments.   The answer is the discipline I have built through over 40 years of daily martial arts training with the highest rank Grandmasters in the world has taught me to follow great positive habits.

Where do you start to develop great habits and get things done in a timely manner? Start with where you are at today. 

1. Clear your work place of everything except what you exactly need to help you with your highest priority task you need right now.

2. When you sit down at your desk or workplace have a systematic approach to get your work/task done.

3. Finally become aware of your body language. How you are sitting and moving.  Ask yourself would a highly effective person sit like this or stand like this, and move like this? At Azad’s Martial Arts Center we always remind our students to stand or sit straight at all times. One reason is because it makes you think better, be more efficient, mindful and aware of you and your environment. 

We will discuss the details of how to achieve this through Azad’s Black Belt success systems during classes.  See you in classes this week!

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