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Why do I take a stand against Domestic Violence?


Domestic Violence is inhumane and unacceptable.  Everyone should take a strong stand and speak out loudly against domestic violence.   Although women are not the only ones abused domestically, over 85% of victims of domestic violence are women.  Unfortunately, men are the major problem and perpetrators in this equation.  One way to end domestic violence is to actively speak against it in our families and friends’ circles as well as in our communities and aggressively educate our boys.   


We must educate the boys and young men that being a man is much more than just being a male.  Being a male is a matter of chance and genetics.  Being a real man is the result of real thoughtful choices.  Choices to be a mindful, respectful, compassionate, strong, courageous, kindhearted, caring, responsible and loving man that can bring out the best in their family and friends.  A choice to call out and stand up against those friends and family members who bring violence to their loved ones. 

As a martial arts Grandmaster I stand up against domestic violence stronger and taller than ever before.  I urge everyone in our community to take a stand with me, and break the silence around this issue to end domestic violence around them once and for all!


Grandmaster Azad

10th Degree Taijiquan

9th Degree Black Belt Sinmoo Jongshindo

Azad’s Martial Arts Center

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