Martial Arts School in Chico: Make A Difference Day 2016 National Award Winners

Make a Difference Day Ambush Video - Torres Community Shelter in Chico, CA

The Torres Community Shelter in Chico, CA believes everyone deserves dignity, purpose and respect which is why we are awarding them with $10,000. #MDDay


Each year, Farshad Azad, Grandmaster of Azad’s Martial Arts Center, meets with Chico’s 29 public school principals, representing 13,817 students, to see what the kids need most. The answer this year: “Shoes.” When Chico got rainy or cold, the kids’ flip-flops, beat-up sandals and hand-me-down shoes offered no protection or warmth. Azad’s response was the “Gimme Some Sole” drive for shoes and rain boots. Make A Difference Day was part of his month-long effort. More than half of the 100 pairs of rain boots and shoes were donated that day.



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