Azad's Tai Chi in Chico Can Reduce Your Chances of Falls By 50%!

Azad's Tai Chi in Chico Can Reduce Your Chances of Falls By 50%!

Azad's Martial Arts Center has been teaching people of all ages methods to become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.  One of the methods Grandmaster Azad has used to bring strength back to seniors is through our ever popular Tai Chi program at Azad's. This program has proven to be effective for thousands of people who have trained at Azad's.  Perhaps the number one issue we all face at higher age is prevention of falling down.  Our Tai Chi program will strengthen your entire body without any impact to your joints.  You will also learn to correctly fall if you ever lose balance so you minimize potential damage to your body.  You will be training on Olympic Training Mats at Azad's.  Your safety is of number of priority to us as we build your strength and balance back.  Here is a great scientific study proving that programs like our Tai Chi at Azad's can reduce potential of your falls by 50%!  


Systematic review and metaanalysis.


Pubmed, Scopus, CINHAL, and Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro) were searched to May 26, 2016.


Older adult population and atrisk adults.


Randomized controlled trials analyzing the effect of tai chi versus other treatments on risk of falls.


The incidence rate ratio (IRR) for falls incidence and hazard ratio (HR) for time to first fall.


The search strategy identified 891 potentially eligible studies, of which 10 met the inclusion criteria. There was highquality evidence of a medium protective effect for fall incidence over the short term (IRR = 0.57; 95% CI = 0.46, 0.70) and a small protective effect over the long term (IRR = 0.87; 95% CI = 0.77, 0.98). Regarding injurious falls, we found very lowquality evidence of a medium protective effect over the short term (IRR = 0.50; 95% CI = 0.33, 0.74) and a small effect over the long term (IRR = 0.72; 95% CI = 0.54, 0.95). There was no effect on time to first fall, with moderate quality of evidence (HR = 0.98; 95% CI = 0.69, 1.37).


In atrisk adults and older adults, tai chi practice may reduce the rate of falls and injuryrelated falls over the short term (<12 months) by approximately 43% and 50%, respectively. Tai chi practice may not influence time to first fall in these populations. Due to the low quality of evidence, more studies investigating the effects of tai chi on injurious falls and time to first fall are required.


Source:  Journal of Geriatrics shows that tai chi can have positive impact on balance and reduce falls.  But calls for more studies on tai chi.


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