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Hapkido Chico

Last Saturday, while at the theater, I had a heart attack. Massive chest pains that spread up to my face. I told my husband that we needed to go to the hospital. As soon as I could walk, he got me to our car, and took me to Enloe Emergency. In the car I remembered the triangular breathing that Mr. Gantt had taught us in Tai Chi, and did it for the entire car ride, and continued in the ER. They kept me over the weekend and ran a chemical stress test, which makes your heart race like crazy, so again I used Triangular breathing.

They found no damage to my heart, thank goodness. My cardiac doctor aid that the Tai Chi breathing likely saved me from further complications and praised the practice highly. I am so grateful to be a part of this [Azad’s Martial Arts] program. Thank you.

Carol Kelly, Azad's Martial Arts Tai Chi Student

Hapkido Chico

Studying Jongshindo over the past few months has been a life-changing experience for me. The strength I have built through practice and repetition has helped me overcome some persistent tightness in my lower back, and I'm feeling stronger and more flexible than ever. I also feel much more confident in my ability to defend myself in an unsafe situation. I am truly excited to have the opportunity to study at [Azad's] dojang...

Scott G: Stronger, More Flexible, and More Confident Than Ever!

Hapkido Chico

Azad is a wonderful ally who has offered self-defense classes for the LGBTQI+ community in Chico. I have no doubt that he would look out for and support anyone in our community who came to the center. 

Stonewall Alliance Center

Hapkido Chico

Azad’s Martial Arts has been a life changing experience for our family. This is the first time Quinn has worked towards a goal with limited frustration and escalations. We are still experiencing meltdowns and disrespect towards adults when he is frustrated and we recently started counseling to help with these issues.

Thank you for your dedication to each student and to our community.

Quinn's Mom: Azad's Martial Arts, A Life Changing Experience!

Hapkido Chico

Azad's instructors are great with all ages and skills of individuals. With a focus on both the individual and community, they better all through their programs. The instructors, students and families at Azads' are very welcoming. Get out to Azad's and get moving and learn something new.

Dane Frazier Technology Consulting

Hapkido Chico

A pillar in the community and builder of people not just martial arts

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Hapkido Chico

Best place in town! Master Azad makes sure all of his clientele is taken care of.

Deverie Jarrett Design

Hapkido Chico

Watch the video to hear from some of Chico's community leaders!

Kristin King, Principal of McManus Elementary
Mark Orem, Chico City Manager
Randall Stone, Chico City Council Member

Chico Community Leaders Speak On Azad's Martial Arts Center!

Hapkido Chico

Azad's is a great program.

Willingham and Lotspeich CPA's

Hapkido Chico

Alyssa O'Kent:I Feel More Confident and Skilled in Self Defense!

Hapkido Chico

Travis Anderson Highly Recommends Azad's Martial Arts To Parents!

Hapkido Chico

When Sam first began training at Azad’s Martial Arts, he was unfocused and struggling in school and at home with behavior issues. He was in counseling at school and only wanted to be on his iPad every other waking minute. He brought home “behavior notices” daily, and home was stressful with parents separating. He wasn’t the happiest person all around – understandably. Since he started training, his home life has become more stabilized, and I have seen that sweet, happy boy again. He is more focused and respectful at school and at home, and counseling has recently ended, as he is not in need of more at this time. Although it is still an available option whenever necessary. He completes his homework after school and at home with a positive attitude, and offers to help more around the house, even without being asked sometimes. Where he used to want to sit on his iPad or TV during his “free time,” he now does pushups, practices his kicks, and forms, and is now riding his bike. Riding his bike is a huge accomplishment! He was literally terrified of falling, and didn’t even want to learn or try. Now he is riding on his own, and although is still nervous about falling, he is showing more confidence in his abilities, and is not afraid to “try,” and spends time getting better and loving it. It’s AWESOME to see him growing and changing, and becoming a happy, more confident, and respectful young man. I credit these changes in him to the positive environment at Azad’s.


Sam’s Mother

Sam’s Mother: Azad's Martial Arts Helped My Kid's Confidence, & Respect!

Hapkido Chico

The ideals and concepts emphasized at Azad’s are those we try to instill at home. We have appreciated having a positive environment and role models for our son. Through Hudson’s training, we feel he has the skills to foster positive relationships with his peers and adults. He has shown improvement in his listening skills and taking direction from others. His social skills have greatly improved and he is opening up more at school.

“Please, thank you, excuse me” are just a few of the manners he exhibits on a daily basis. He has become our “little helper” at home and we only see continued improvement through his training.

Hudson French's Parents: Azad's Martial Arts Offers Positive Environment & Excellent Role Models!

Hapkido Chico

Dear Azad's,

My child has learned more self control and respect. He enjoys practicing at home and has gone from a slightly sad child to looking forward to things.He has really enjoyed having the sense of accomplishment, and enjoys the instructors positive feed back.We are looking forward to the other great things Azad's has to offer Raleigh (R.J) and our family.

Raleigh's Mom: Azad's Martial Arts Builds Self Control and Respect!

Hapkido Chico

Grandmaster Azad,

I just really want to thank you so much for talking to me and encouraging me to stay strong and push Lana to reaching her goal. I don’t ever want to fail my kids, I always want them to finish what they start and never give up or quit. I’d do anything for my kids I really want the best for Lana. The other day Lana was asked about karate and her trophy’s and she lit up and was so proud about sharing them and so positive, the look on her face, I knew she missed it and it was a happy part of her, then you called and I knew it was a sign I had to step up and be honest and make the right choice. Over the years I have seen her learn so much and gain so much in herself. When I watch her I instantly fill up with so much happiness and feel so proud of her I see a strong little girl full of pride its beautiful.

I love watching her learn and push herself. When we come back in today I felt good and like its where she belongs. I’m struggling with keeping her strong and confident. She’s at an age where she takes things to heart and letting a lot get the best of her she’s worried about looks and self image. It’s very hard as a parent to stay strong when life gets tough and to not lose control and keep on top of things. I’ll be honest I was making a big mistake by allowing her to give up. It was easy giving in when everyone wasn’t supporting me when I really knew in my heart she shouldn’t quit though everyone had a reason to go against me.

I really needed a wake-up call and I really needed support to get her back on track. I thank you so much for that. I have never had anyone be so blunt and just tell me how it is and do it in such a meaningful way the way you did. By the end of our talk I was in tears it sank in and hit a spot, you gave me so much strength and open my eyes and made me jump in track when I really needed it I’m so grateful for you truly. It’s so nice to have someone who really cares. Every day I learn to be a better parent even when it’s hard I will never give up I’ll always just do the very best I can.

My life has been so tough lately I have had to hide a lot form Lana so she doesn’t get upset or worry about things. She really needs to be in karate so she has a strong positive outlet. It’s so embarrassing for me to say I’m broke I can’t give or do that for my daughter. I don’t want her to know I can’t afford it or ever feel like she can’t chose to do something she loves because of me and money. I honestly feel like a horrible parent. You have helped us out so much over the years and we are very grateful. I just don’t know where to go from here. All I know is I really wanted her there and I want the best for her. I don’t want to let her down I love her so much. Sorry I wrote you a book but I really just wanted you to know how I feel and that you are a great person and I admire your heart and time thanks for being real with me I appreciate you. You all are family to us.

Lana’s Mom: Azad's Martial Arts Is Family To Us!

Hapkido Chico

Ashton and Colton have greatly benefited from classes here at Azad’s. They both have a boost in their confidence, increased focus in school and at home. The staff at Azad’s has helped Colton in dealing with conflict resolution strategies at school (Mr. Gantt).

I love watching them grow and gain confidence in skills acquired in class. They are eager and excited to attend every class! Thank you for all you do for my kids!

Azad's Martial Arts Boost Kids' Confidence & Focus!

Hapkido Chico

Lillian has bloomed into a great little girl. A lot of this has to do with her martial arts program. I see huge bounds and leaps with her improvements in focus, modesty, and self-control. She follows directions very well without having to use the two-second rule.

Lillian has always been a well-behaved child. With being in the program for almost a year now, she really has honored a lot of good qualities.

Lillian's Parents

Hapkido Chico

Dear Grandmaster Azad,

Thank you so much for all you do. You are a great positive role model for all the kids and such a wonderful teacher-or rather master instructor. How the school is set up for the kids to learn special life skills and then making it a personal growth mission to apply those skills like respect or discipline to their everyday life is such a bonus to having him in your school. To see a first grader not only know what it means to have something like an indomitable spirit or modesty but to actually watch as he applies those values when he’s playing with other kids at school just makes me feel so proud as a parent.

Vince has been at our school only a little over six months and what he has learned already in that short time far exceeds any expectations I had. He may not get the hang of the actual base forms as fast as the older kids in his class but he tries hard and practices and totally loves training at you dojang.

Kasihamnida, Vince’s mom

Hapkido Chico

Azad's Martial Arts,

Jasmine is doing well at home. She has become more helpful, taking initiative to jump in and help. She is becoming more verbal and more polite. She loves coming to her karate classes and practices often at home. I recommend that she be promoted to the next rank.

Jasmine’s Mom

Hapkido Chico

Dear Azad's,

Since I lost my job things got hard for me and my family and my biggest worry was that my kid will have to stop taking classes at Azad’s. I explained to him and he understood my situation giving his short age and a lot of that come from the great teaching at Azad’s that they not only teaching how to use martial arts but also how to reach to the thing that life from at us. And my kid is a good example of flat so thanks Martial Arts at Azad’s and teaching our kid so much.

Martinez family

Hapkido Chico

Dear Azad's,

We are extremely proud of Mikey and all his accomplishments. He is a very loving and caring person who always tries his best at what ever challenges are given to him.

Mikey is focused on tasks asked of him. He has grown greatly in the last year.

Mikey has grown physically and mentally from his Martial Arts training. He shows his teachers, parents, and grandparents kindness and respect. Always using what he has learned from Azad's Martial Arts Training no matter where he is.

We are excited as parents to watch him grow even more this next year as he applies his teaching at Azad's Martial Arts to his everyday life.

Mikey’s Parents

Hapkido Chico

Mason has shown so much dedication since he started attending Azad's. He always wants to be ready on time for Azad’s so his not late for his lesson. I’ve never seen him so proud. I can’t wait t see how much he will grow and benefit from this. I’m very proud of Mason.

Mason’s Dad

Hapkido Chico

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to inform you that your martial arts classes have helped Roberto accomplish so many things. As you know, Roberto is a shy young man. He was really shy throughout his elementary school years. Yes, he is still shy, but not as much. He will raise his hand in class to answer questions, participate in school assemblies, and talk’s mote to his teachers. Your classes have also helped in Roberto’s Physical abilities. He is stronger than before. He’s still a thin young man, but boy does he have upper strength. He helped his father move heavy furniture. Roberto is doing well in school. He is getting high grades in his classes. He has become more organized and responsible in school and at home.

Thank you so much for making a difference in Roberto’s life!!!

Roberto’s Mom

Hapkido Chico

Mr. Reitz,

I can’t even begin to express how fun it has been to watch Tori grow there her karate training. To see her become more and more confident in her ability to defend herself if necessary and her knowledge of a new field of study. She has enjoyed practicing at home without being told and loves showing her form and skills to her friends and family.

Her classes have given her confidence and brought her out of her shell.

Satisfied Parent

Hapkido Chico

Dear Sir,

Tyler, my grandson has benefitted from training at Azad’s Martial Arts by improving in respect for others and self respect. This is exhibited by his fair and respectful and treatment of his peers and family.

He went on a hunger binge and was starving, lost 4 ½ lbs. By his fine teacher teaching himself respect means caring for his own body he began eating and gain back 3 lbs, so far. He has gone 23 days consistently eating well, without Mr. Reitz help I am not sure how this problem would have been resolved. I am truly grateful for his help.

Tyler really enjoys and respects his classes and looks forward to learning more with each class.

Because of Tyler’s FAS and ADHS he has problems with balance and focus and these classes are a tremendous help with these problematic areas.


Hapkido Chico

Dear Master Azad,

We are writing to express our appreciation for the excellent program in which our son Noah is currently enrolled. Since we enrolled Noah in the class his level of focus and discipline has improved significantly. We feel Azad's has had a lot to do with the improvements. Noah shows enthusiasm and excitement when it is time for class, and showing a lot of ambition to advance through the ranks....

Michael F. & Robin W.

Hapkido Chico

Macey has not missed a session and comes well prepared to learn in Mr. Reitz’s class.  Her martial arts skills have improved over these last months as well as her focus, discipline, awareness and ability to behave successfully.  Azad’s backs up the values we work to instill in the home.

V. & Ron Tackett

Hapkido Chico

The purpose of this letter is to discuss Avery’s development since joining Azad’s. Avery loves being involved in martial arts and he has shown a lot of passion towards becoming a better student since he has been in the class. Avery has learned the importance of focus and respect. Avery has shown more diligence towards his chores and he listens more intently when we ask him to take on new challenges. Avery really wants to be successful and to make Mr. Reitz proud. This goal has led him to be committed to stretching and practicing before and after class at home. I have never seen Avery take the initiative to try something new in front of a group of people until he joined this program. I see Avery’s confidence growing with his ability to perform new skills and to feel comfortable in front of a group. I am pleased with Avery’s growth and I look forward to the skills he will continue to learn. Thank you for all you’ve done for our son. He loves being a part of this class and I love what you are teaching him.


Hapkido Chico

Master Azad and Mr. Reitz,

As I reflect over the past several months I am constantly amazed at how much my son, Jeffery continues to grow through his training. Again and again I see him reat to a situation (that previously would have left him in tears and losing his temper) in a way that is extmely focused and ruled wihtself discipline. He works extremely hard to apply patience, forgiveness of self, discipline and control to his daily life both at home and at school. His self esteem has grown considerably and it is a joy to watch him make strides in the respect he now has with his classmates as well as his teachers. In addition, he is very proud of the progress he has made and is excited about continuing his training.



Hapkido Chico

My son has been receiving Physical and Occupational Therapy since he was 3 months old. I have never seen as much progress as we have in the last 7 months that we have been going to Azad's Martial Arts. Dawn Womack is absolutely wonderful with him. He is able to do everything that everyone else does. She knows exactly how to modify the activities while still keeping him safe!

Christopher's Mom

Hapkido Chico

Israel has been performing a lot better in school and home. Attending at Azad's Karate has been one of the best things, that we have done for our son so far we are so happy of all what he has learned at Azad's school of martial arts.

Israel's Mom and Dad

Hapkido Chico

Socially and emotionally karate has provided Kyle with solid life skills. At times Kyle can become frustrated and angry, he uses his life skills to calm and redirect himself. I also use review of his life skills to “ward off” potential issues with him. He understands the importance of using his life skills and is really seeing the importance of them as he makes changes in his behaviors and sees the positive from it. He is playing Minor Little League and can be very hard on himself and get in a negative mood. We have been falling back on using his life skills to change his mood and encourage him into a better direction.

Kyle M. (Dad) & Nicole M. (Mom)

Hapkido Chico

Dear Grandmaster Azad,

I enjoy karate so so much that I want to do it more and more. My Whole entire life. I would like to learn to be Black belt. I want to learn more so so much.


Hapkido Chico

Since I have been in karate my confidence has kind of done this flip flop and is showing a more mature side of me. I have confidence that I will excel in everything I do in school, I just need to try. Although I no longer have the confidence that I can eat half of a large pizza and have room for 2 bowls of ice cream. I have confidence in seeking friends so now I can go and hang with a lot of different groups. I no longer think that I have to be extra nice, or give them anything in order for them to be my friend. If they don’t like my style or attitude then they can go hang with some one else. Confidence has made me a better person.

Ayla R.

Hapkido Chico

Since I’ve been coming to Azad’s, I’m slowly becoming a better person at home, school, and even class. I am getting good grades and I’m turning in my work on time. Before I was always getting picked on because I had never had any friends but at my first class in Azad’s I was able to make friends. I’m still learning new things during school and karate classes.

Robert H.

Hapkido Chico

I am a T7 paraplegic with strength and feeling below the waist. Before starting at Azad's Martial Arts I needed rehabilitation for my heart and for my walking. I was leading a sedentary life and it was causing me serious health problems. Since I started at Azad's Martial Arts I have gained balance and steadiness, my toes are able to bend and I have lost 15 lbs.


Hapkido Chico

A few years ago I left Azad’s for school and work. While I was away my physical fitness and mental clarity started to lack. Coming back now everything looks different. New pads, new faces, new floor and more achievements. However, I sense the same thing once again that drew me here at the beginning, though there are different faces they are all excited. The mats still show the marks of bravery and the attitude is still one of never tiring courage. I intend to work hard on regaining my strengths and even surpassing them.

Terry C.

Hapkido Chico

I think everything about Azad’s is perfect and I think we are very blessed to be a part of it.

S. Chivrell

Hapkido Chico

The skills we practice in martial arts has certainly been a factor in my success. My communication and parenting skills are also improving with the influence from training at Azad’s. My wife and I are so proud of our children who also train at Azad’s. We are a family of students and instructors at Azad’s. Thank you for the opportunities for learning and growing mind, body, and spirit.

Mark F.

Hapkido Chico

It is my belief that hurdles in life although at the bothersome, are really opportunities for one to become more able in life. I have always welcomed challenges in life. Such challenges I overcome with the help of martial arts training brings me closer to more complete freedom. As I continue to strive forward toward my goal, learning martial arts is one of my important goals which I still pursue.

James C. (M.D)

Hapkido Chico

Azad's has made me more conscience about my health, both physically and mentally. I'm in the best shape of my life, and I apply skills I learn in class to some of the most simple tasks in my everyday life. You would be amazed what something as simple as proper breathing techniques can do for you when your stuck in line at WINCO on a Monday at 7pm.


Hapkido Chico

My son has not only benefited physically, but has benefited mentally as well. He looks forward to attending class each and every week. He would go more if he could. This training is something that i talked about through-out the week at the dinner table, with friends and family, at school, and also at church. His focus and understanding of life has increased tremendously. These attributes have carried over not only in our home life, but for school as well. I have noticed a huge difference in attitude and motivation as well. These are two very important characteristics that need to be taught especially at this age. [Azad's Martial Arts Center's] program is helping my family adapt to school as well as after school activities. Azad's Has in a way taught my son responsibility and ethics. It's made it easier for my son to adapt in social settings and school settings too. I like the way my son utilizes "mam" and 'sir". He has incorporated this in his everyday activities and talking to adults and authority. I was brought up the same way. Responsibility characteristics have also been taught because of tasks that come with being a martial artist. The responsibility of accessories, shoes, tips, and curriculum has made a world of difference. Azad's has also taught my son to use his head and understand ways to use his heart and soul. He has become more calm and in control. This has been a great experience for not only my son, but for my entire family as well. We are extremely excited to see what the future has in store for us.

Mrs. Dillard

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