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  • History of Tai Chi Chuan

    A Brief History of Tai Chi Chuan
    Tai Chi (also pronounced Taiji) is a system of Chinese internal martial arts created around 14 th Century by a man named Cheng. There are a few different schools of Tai Chi Chuan known as Chen, Woo, Sun, Yang and Shaolin Styles. These systems have given life to many smaller branches around the world. In 1800 Yang, Ban-Hou altered the form taught to him by his father, Yang Lu-Chan to protect it from Manchurian rulers. Yang, Ban-Hou taught the original form to one of his disciples Wang, Chiao-Yu who later taught the original system to Kuo, Lien-Ying (1895-1984). After inheriting the lineage from Wang, Kuo applied his lifelong Shaolin, Hsing Yi ....

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